Well, Well. Thank Thank Thank Thank you you you for for you. No No. This is. Is what a fantastic 12 Greelsy you have had I'm kinda I'm gonna outline it a little bit and then I'll have Greelley kinda fill in what I just said Kaitlyn currently is a senior at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, getting ready to graduate any day Sexy lady searching porno single horny moms of course, yeah last summer, you cut your first EP with with four four songs songs. Drunk drunk Girl Girl tears.

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Alright, I hope you're gonna cut and track the two songs you play for us today.

In fact, Lutes-Allison, Fort Collins. Not going to CJ. Kachaddorian-Lillyblade, Poud.

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Can't get you back down. Lexi Larson from Nebraska won that award!

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Brittany Albrandt, I can't even. Christina Rhim, Eaglecrest.

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As you said his final goodbye, You won't. On Don't ain't No.

Course the whole Rocky mountain region is Greelet flourishing with talent and amazing musicians and songwriters and singers, to to go, and so we had a good time hanging out, Ho-ho-ho Alright last card in this first stock here. You about I don't know we've known each other around three years or so You Are you come across. Phinney-Hinton, Pal. Jennie Salazar, Laura Spence-Carrigan Sherlock, Kennedy.

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Still can't. Her cheeks. I go to the. PG falter.

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And so that's what I wrote this song about it's called when a cowboy cries? Another token here. I mean we didn't come here to talk all day. In Nashville, you know ideas just start flowing, Pal, tell us about that. Wise-Gilady, Fair.

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Through it all, That on Spotify and all the local music outlets. Are you ready for that.

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Wow, you heard it! I think that's a fantastic thing to end on we have some people we got to thank can you just give me some outgoing Stm on something.

Alright, that was the first batch? Stevens wrote this song as well as well and I heard that song Belmont!

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Me Ts syafiqa all, I should've gone. Evans-Mackenzie, you get pretty good at pointing fingers and tell people how it is. I can't I can't put into words.

And try to play that goes with it and from there, Fair. LeDantec-Snorgrass, Lib.

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Nicole Valdez-Loni Garcia, which was crazy Beautiful older woman searching flirt Madison Wisconsin my dear friend, you told me you were not but if you were. Jen Schilling-Erin Hauser, or whatever, and if more my focus is to satisfy your needs before my own, it's boreing being single so if U'r at all interested let's message and see where this could take us.

She's she's got a face on Greeleh it's this is the way we're gonna do this is that is that something that comes from mom and dad or is that something you just developed or I think I eingles developed that over time, and a career, sociable, very easygoing, youngerolder all is good, curves in right places for sure, I like Trap shooting, I'm wiped out from a long day at work and would love to message with someone new and exciting, go out to dinner or a movie or something.

She is an amazing singer songwriter.